How I Take My Blog Photos

Sunday 13 March 2016

I've been into photography from a young age and have experienced using a number of different cameras. My Dad taught me a lot about cameras and I've learnt a lot of skills from him which have come in very useful. There is always room to expand your skill set, and blog photography can often present new situations such as flat lay product photos. Having been blogging around a year and a half now, I've had enough time to shoot a variety of situations. 

Camera Equipment
Fuji S100FS
This is my main camera I use for the majority of my photos. It's a bridge camera that's packed with plenty of features. It's similar to some of the entry level DSLR's in terms of capability and photo quality, as well as it's size. This is something I like as it makes it easy to handle and feels a solid build. It has a fair few different modes alternating between aperture, shutter speed as well as full manual mode which allows for better controls of your photos. This camera is now discontinued, but it was around £400 to buy new, however I was lucky enough to be given this camera by my Dad a few years ago. I was very grateful for this as it's a brilliant camera.

GoPro Hero
I bought  this last summer and have now got a few different mounts for it which allow me to use the camera in different situations. For capturing photos, I tend to use it on The Handler mount or attached to my Gorillapod using the tripod mount. It gives a great wide angle view which brings a different perspective with the photos it produces.

I've also used it to film a few lifestyle and travel bits, such as my trip to Knowsley Safari Park. As it's so small and versatile I'm going to take it with me for future trips including going to Los Angeles next month.

I've captured a few time-lapses which gives a unique look at longer term changes such as sunsets and moving clouds. A quick tip here, if you want to shoot panning time-lapses, buy an egg timer from IKEA (£6) and attached one of the flat adhesive mounts to the top.

Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom
I've only had this tripod since Christmas but it has already been used quite a lot of times and I take it with me when I know I'm going to be taking photos. I bought this version as it can hold my big Fuji as well as the GoPro. It has a ball and socket attachment on the top which includes a spirit level and quick release mount which makes lining up photos a walk in the park. Being so compact and lightweight it's the ultimate travel tripod.

Olympus Pen E-PL7
Laura managed to get this on a great deal last Black Friday and she absolutely loves using it. Occasionally I will borrow this for taking more product based photos when doing flat lay type shots and the quality is very impressive. It also has some amazing art settings which you can have a play with for more creative shots. If you want to see some more detail about it, check out her Olympus Pen post.

Flat Lay Methods
For taking these type of product photos, I use the top of an IKEA Kallax Shelving Unit in white. This gives a very neutral and professional looking background and allows for the photos to be bright. It's a blank canvas that leaves the focus on the object you're photographing and it's wipe clean which is great as it ensures a clean surface.

Laminate Sample Tiles
I've got 4 of these tiles that can be slotted together to provide a larger background area. They were £2 per tile from B&Q and come in a number of different styles, so you can easily pick up different designs without breaking the bank whilst giving the illusion of a professional, expensive background.

Lighting is a key part of photography, whether you are shooting indoors or outside. When taking photos inside, you have more control of the lighting. I've taken quite a lot of product photos and it's good to see how much I've improved since I started. One piece of advice I would give, is to use natural light whenever possible. If I do need additional, I don't use anything fancy, just a small IKEA desk lamp which emits a decent white light. 

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