McCulloch SuperLite 4528 Hedge Trimmer Review

Wednesday 28 June 2017

Garden power tools are always going to be popular with me as they make taking care of your garden a breeze and can form part of your collection of kit. McCulloch asked if I'd like to test out their Superlite hedge trimmer which I was super excited about as it looks great. I was really impressed when I pulled it out the box as it looks like it would be able to tackle whatever you needed it for, with a good blade reach and well thought out design to ensure you can work as efficiently as possible. The hedge trimmer sells for £199.99* (RRP) and is packed full of functions and features to make keeping your garden in check that bit easier.

The hedge trimmer is larger than ones I've seen before which should allow for it to take on some meatier tasks in the garden. It's got a low weight while being easy to handle which makes it helps to get your garden looking just how you want. One of the big bonuses with this product is that you are not restricted by power cables limiting how far you can reach as it runs on a powerful petrol motor. I've used smaller, mains powered ones before and the issue I've found is that they sometimes struggle with anything more than tidying up a small bush. To help combat the additional engine noise that comes with a petrol motor is the effective engine design which limits the noise without compromising on power output. I found the 0.3-litre visible fuel tank really useful as I could see when it was running low and would need topping up which meant it didn't just cut out unexpectedly.

A large blade gap allows for the McCulloch to cut through thicker branches with ease, with it being able to take on anything up to 20mm (0.8") in branch diameter. It also has dual action blades which makes sure that more of the hedge will be covered so you shouldn't have to keep going over the same area. I found this made tidying up the garden a much smoother process as I didn't have to keep stopping when I came across a slightly larger branch as it just carried on smoothly without a hitch. With this hedge trimmer being more powerful, I did wonder how easy it would be to control, but the anti-vibration system works really well to limit too much of the energy being lost or making it more difficult to use. When you need to clean out the air filter, it's a fairly simple task, helped by the fact that it has an easy to remove air filter cover the doesn't require any tools.

Storing the McCulloch hedge trimmer is made that bit safer with the handy blade guard that slots over to help prevent any injuries or damage to the blades while in storage. It seems to be made from a fairly solid plastic and covers the full length of the blade. This is going to be useful for when I'm transporting the hedge trimmer in the car as it won't catch on anything by accident. It has a Soft Start feature which reduces the resistance of the starter cord by up to 40% to make it easier to get it up and running. Couple this with the Purge function which is a manual pump to reduce the time it takes to start to it up by sending fuel to the carburettor. The handle on the trimmer gave me a solid grip when using it and I love the fact that it can be held from multiple angles rather than just one position. This helped me massively as I didn't have to twist my wrist around and use an unnatural movement. I was able to quickly shift my grip on the handle so I could keep cutting without interruption. 

When you are finished using the hedge trimmer there is a simple auto return stop switch which will auto reset to the 'on' position once it has turned off so it's ready for the next use. It's in a handy position which I found useful. The last thing you'd want to be doing it struggling to turn something like this off and risk hurting yourself. Another safety feature I liked was the integrated cutting guard which provided a bit of reassurance that I wouldn't accidentally risk getting too close to the blades, particularly when cutting close into a hedge when you might lose sight of where the blades are.

Overall I was really impressed with McCulloch Superlite 4528 Hedge Trimmer. The build quality is far superior that any I have used in the past and I think that it will get used for many years to come. It does come in at a higher price than some hedge trimmers out there, but I think the build quality and features make it worth the price. From the times I've used it, the ease of use and it's ability to breeze through whatever hedge I was doing give reassurance that I can always rely on this hedge trimmer to get the job done.

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