Cadbury World, Birmingham

Sunday 19 June 2016

I'd always wanted to go to Cadbury World and last week Laura treated me to a trip down to experience the world of chocolate. I was looking forward to finding out about the history of Cadbury and how their chocolate came about as well as watching how they make some of their products. I loved the setup of the tour and it provided a really interesting way to find out how it all started. At the start of the tour we got three bars of chocolate which was obviously very well received.

The next few photos were ones from the little ride that tours round the chocolates 'Cadbury World' and reminds me of the 'It's A Small World' ride at Disneyland and gives you a little break from walking around the rest of the tour. 

This photo below was from the end part of the ride where it's a starry night sky, and it was far too dark to get a realistic photo. This blurry photo actually looked quite cool and reminded me of the Doctor Who intro. 

This was one of the other freebies on the way round. It's a pot of melted milk chocolate and you could pick two toppings to mix in. We both went for shortbread biscuit and Crunchie and it was perfect little sweet treat to keep you going. 

This amazing construction was made completely from their chocolate. I've seen seen some pretty impressive cakes and models before but to combine them into this is something else. 

The last few photos are some of the models and set ups that the adverts were based on, with the famous gorilla actually giving you a drum solo of the Phil Collins 'In The Air Tonight'. 

All of these photos were from the tour, which is the first part of Cadbury World. The next part we went to was the 4D Chocolate Adventure which gave you a virtual ride of the Crunchie rollercoaster with 4D cinema experience including motion seats. You couldn't take photos or film in the part but it was a fun little addition and its good for all ages to enjoy. To finish the day we went to the Cadbury Cafe to grab some lunch, which was well priced and enjoyable. Oh and you can't miss out on the World's Biggest Cadbury Shop, and it would have been rude to leave without picking up a few lot of chocolate. If you like chocolate it's well worth a visit down to Cadbury World, just be sure to pre-book to guarantee entry. © . Theme by STS.