GoPro Storage Options: Lowepro & SP Gadgets

Monday 13 June 2016

When I got my GoPro Hero I purchased a few mounts such as The Handler, and wanted a storage case to keep it all together and make it easier to take all my stuff out with me. Since getting my GoPro Hero 4 I picked up another case so that I could store it properly along with the other accessories and mounts. It took my a while to decide on the cases I wanted to go for, which included searching for reviews that actually provided useful information rather than a short one line review. I thought I'd put this post together to show you what storage I use for my GoPro's to give you an idea if it would be suitable for what you need. I'll also give my thoughts on how they have held up with usage so it will hopefully be useful when deciding which case to purchase.

Lowepro Dashpoint AVC 2

This was the first case I bought for my Hero after looking at a few different options. Lowepro sell the AVC 1 and AVC 2 which differ in size, and although I only had one GoPro to store at the time, I wanted to have enough space for other accessories and mounts. There is one deeper section with an internal divider so that you can section off an area for your camera as you can see. It also allows you to keep other accessories separate so things like cables don't get tangled in other accessories. You can fit a surprising amount into this section of the case if you pack it properly, although the only downside to more space is that it can rattle around if you don't have much in the case. 

The other side of the case is separated by a pull back foam cover that Velcro's down to reveal a removable accessories tray for small parts. This comes in very useful and I store things such as the adhesive and tripod mounts, along with the GoPro tool and quick release mount. The neat elastic keeps all your items secure and stops them rattling around within the case. The case flips together to keep everything tight inside and then zips around the middle. The whole case has a hard exterior which will help to protect your gear from damage. Overall I have been really impressed with how many accessories you can fit in this case along with the camera, and it performs well from my experience. It has held up well after taking it out on multiple occasions when it may have just been thrown in a bag, and it shows no signs of damage. These case give you a little more freedom with what you want to pack in rather than having specified spots for items.   

SP Gadgets POV Case

This is the case I bought when I got my Hero 4 and I opted for a different brand and case design. This is a GoPro specific case and has cut outs in the foam padding to fit the camera and other accessories. It has space for two spare batteries and memory card slots. There is a large cut out area to fit the SP Gadgets Tripod Grip which is great so that this will always be there if you take the case out. If you didn't need the tripod grip, you can always fill this space with some other items. SP Gadgets also sell different sized versions of this case so this is something to consider if you like the case but want more storage capacity.

On the other side of the case is an mesh pocket with an elasticated top which can be used to store extra accessories in. At the moment I use this to put my USB cable and spare back doors for the camera as they tuck away nicely and means you can change while you are out depending on the activity. This case also has a hard exterior to protect what's inside and zips around this middle, which also has some sort of covering over the zip, which may be to protect again water getting into the case. Overall I really like this case as it is perfect if you were to be going out for the day to film what you get up to as it can hold everything you should need, with the tripod grip giving you two mounts in one, the spare batteries and changeable back doors. It's quite a lightweight case which is good when you are carrying it for extended periods of time, but still is protective enough to prevent harm. 

To sum up, the Lowepro case is a generously sized protective case that can fit plenty of equipment in, and could be used to store more than one GoPro and/or extra mounts and accessories. The SP Gadgets case is noticeably smaller but has specific spots for you kit which may appeal more to some. Both cases have a hard exterior so that you shouldn't have to worry if they get knocked around a bit, plus the fact that they both come in different sizes. I hope this round up of my GoPro storage has helped if you are trying to decide on a case to purchase. If you have any questions you can comment below, or tweet me @amsblog. © . Theme by STS.