How I Use OneNote For Blogging

Friday 22 July 2016

Over the time I've been blogging I've experimented with different ways to keep my blogging notes and try to keep track of what posts need doing. I know some people prefer to actually write things down in notepads, but I've always been more techy and liked having the ability to access it on my phone. After trying out few different apps including the basic notes one of the iPhone, I started using Microsoft OneNote and haven't looked back. I use this to help draft out some post ideas as well as for sorting out my schedule. 

You can access OneNote on multiple devices, as I use it on my iPhone, iPad and laptop, and when they connect to the internet they will sync. This means any changes made on one device will be seen on all the other devices so you can pick up where you left off. You can have as many different notebooks to keep your topics separated, at the moment I have one for blogging and another for other general notes (see picture above). Within each notebook you can have numerous tabs to help organise the different areas. Within each tab you can create separate pages. This gives you plenty of space to organise your notes and means you can always keep track and should never have to bundle all of your notes in together. You can insert multiple items into your notes including pictures, audio, file attachments and more as you can see from the tab in the picture below. You can also draw on the pages which allows you to include more creative ideas in your notes. 

How I Organise My Notes
I have four tabs within my blogging notepad to keep things separate. For my 'Posts' tab, I create a page for each post so that I can easily see what post ideas I have. This means I won't forget my ideas if I can put it down whenever it springs to mind. On each page I will type out ideas that I'm going to include in the post, or sometimes plan out the whole draft of my post. My next tab in the 'Photos To Do' one, and is used to keep a to do list of the photos I need to take for posts. This is similar to the posts tab in that I create a separate page for each set of photos I need to take. I will often write down ideas of how I want to take the photos or how many I want of a certain product. 

My 'Schedule' tab is where I plan out my posts for each month. I used a separate page for each month so it's super quick to find my posts. I created a simple tab as you can see above so I have the dates down one side and which posts will go up on which day. I have also added a check box to the days that have posts in then as you can see so I can tick off knowing when posts have been published, or have been written and scheduled to go up. The last tab I have is the 'Extras' which is the section for anything that helps me with blogging. I have different pages including info such as what to include in every blog post and to do lists for other blog related things. 

I have found Microsoft OneNote so easy to get to grips with and it makes organising all of your notes so easy. You an have multiple ways to file notes to keep everything in order and with it all syncing, you can use it on as many or few devices as you like. I love being to access all my blog notes wherever I am, even if I am out somewhere. You can even access it on any computer by logging onto your account on a web browser which could come in very handy, so those important ideas will never be far away. © . Theme by STS.