My Resolutions For 2020

Thursday 9 January 2020

Making resolutions can be done at any time of year and I do try and set myself goals regardless of the month, but the New Year does give a good point to look back at how the previous 12 months went, and also set yourself some resolutions and goals for the following year. I find that by writing things down, whether it's scribbled in a notepad or published in a post like this, it helps to motivate me to achieve these things as it sets out clear targets to work towards. Here are some of the things I want to work on this year.

Blog Content

I'm always looking for ways to improve the content, consistency of posting and overall quality of my blog to keep it moving in the right direction. When I've set myself previous targets I have said I want to post so many times a week which ended up putting too much pressure on myself to try and get that number of posts published and took the enjoyment out of blogging. For this year I'm not going to set myself a strict schedule of when to post or how often, but concentrate much more on the content I'm producing. I feel if I can improve what I'm posting, this will help to drive my blog more than making sure I post twice a week regardless of the quality of my content. This should also keep me more motivated to post and will work better for me when fitting it in around my job.


I've had an interest in photography for quite a while now and have enjoyed this as a hobby, whether this is when travelling or going out specifically to shoot photos. Last year I had a real desire to start working harder on my photography and ultimately look to turn my hobby into a career in the long term if this is possible. I'd love to be a portrait/wedding photographer and have been researching, learning and practising my skills in the second half of last year. My goal for this year is to improve the quality of my shots and refine my skills through practice, practice and more practice. I'd also be looking to reach out to provide photoshoot opportunities as well as getting my photography website live to help with this and showcase my portfolio.

Finish The Wedding Prep

It's officially the year I get to marry my best friend, Laura! As anyone who has got married themselves, there are so many things to sort out in the run-up to the big day. We've already got a fair few of the main things sorted, but there are still a number of smaller bits that need doing so this is what we'll be working on over the next few months to get everything finished. We met with the venue recently to run through the details for the day which made it more exciting and seem more real.

Get Back Into Exercising

I did more exercise in the first half of 2019 but this seemed to tail off in the latter part of the year. I really want to get back into doing this again and it will help to keep me healthy, both physically and mentally. Starting to exercise in January is the cliche but I don't like the idea of shaming people because they want to make changes to themselves just because it's in the first month of the year. This time of year often gives people motivation post-Christmas to get in shape, and it's what will help me to kickstart the exercise again. I nearly always feel more positive, refreshed and motivated after exercising so starting this again will help to achieve my other goals.

Explore My Creative Side

As I've already mentioned I'm working on my photography which, along with blogging, is a creative outlet but I'd like to try some more art-related activities. Laura has a number of arty and crafting supplies for the things she is working on and I'd like to try some of these out, even just for fun. It can be quite therapeutic and provides something to work on over a period of time that you can do whenever you feel like some creative therapy. © . Theme by STS.