The Ultimate Tech Wishlist*

Friday 1 July 2016

I've always been into my technology and over the years I've enjoyed saving up to buy things or getting something for a birthday or Christmas present. I know a lot of these are quite expensive, but that's the point of a wishlist right? These are some of the items I'd love to own at some point and would be nice to save up towards and look forward to getting.


Having always been into photography, I loved the idea of owning one of these for years. Since getting my hands on my Fuji, this has given me more control over the settings, which are similar to that on a DSLR. Even though I'm happy with my current camera, investing in a higher quality camera to improve the quality of my photos I can produce would be worth it, plus the fact it would help improve my blog photography too. I do quite like the Canon ranges so something like the 70D could be a good choice.


With so much content available in HD I want to be able to make use of this when viewing it on the TV. I'm always one to switch to the HD channel if it's available, even if I'm only watching a random TV show or the news. I especially love watching films in HD as it really brings out the cinema experience and makes it more realistic viewing. I remember when TV's were considered good if they were HD ready, so to fast forward to today when 4K TV's are the new thing on the market seems quite crazy. Since buying my GoPro Hero 4, it would be great to record and see what this resolution looks like played back on a big 4K TV. Something like this Ultra HD TV from Panasonic would be perfect as it combines an amazing picture while having a very narrow and sleek design. It comes with the added bonus of being a Smart TV to make catching up on your favourite shows easy. 


I've had a PS3 for over 6 years now and have just kept buying games for it since, but have been noticing more and more games that are being stopped for the PS3 and only being brought out on the new generation console. There are certain games in the Assassins Creed series where the new ones can no longer be bought for the PS3. Some other new games such as Uncharted 4 and The Last Of Us look amazing and the graphics of a lot of the PS4 games look really impressive, so it would be great to play them with all the new detailing. 


I have looked at these whenever I've been into the Apple store and really liked them. Since I started blogging, I've seen quite a few bloggers that use an iMac and I can definitely see why. The software available for editing photos and video would make it so much easier, plus the fact it would be so much faster. The other huge benefit is having the high resolution big screen to make multi-tasking a breeze while seeing everything in crisp detail. All of this is contained within one monitor that gives you everything that you need in an elegant design. This means you can have a very powerful computer all in one unit that fits nicely on a desk with the only other bits needed being a mouse and keyboard. 


Fitness watches have been growing in popularity recently with numerous brands releasing them. Laura bought a Fitbit Blaze when we went to Los Angeles and I love its design and features that it has. I want to get back into running so using one of these would be a good way to track my performance while being able to keep an eye on my heart rate. Some of them also come with GPS features, with it either being built in or linking to your phones one. This would be really useful for mapping my running routes to help track my progress.

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