What I'd Like To Achieve In 2019

Saturday 5 January 2019

The new year is a good opportunity to look ahead and set out some things to achieve. I've been using the time over Christmas to think through what I'd like to work on this year and give myself areas to focus on. I don't want to think of these as targets that I have to achieve, but more things to aim for throughout 2019.

Consistency With Posting

2018 was quite busy for me and I hadn't predicted that it would be that way at the beginning of last year. There have been a few events including buying a house and booking our wedding that has taken quite a bit of time up, which I wrote about in my life update post. Every time I wrote another blog post I felt really motivated to carry on. I've had a bunch of ideas ready to be turned into posts and would start to work through these but then other things took priority. One of the things I want to do this year is to get back into the habit of blogging and make sure I give myself the time to write. I'm not going to set myself a specific number of posts to write, but I want to publish on a much more regular basis.

Post On Instagram More

I've got quite a few photos sat ready and waiting on my camera roll that I can put on Instagram so need to stop forgetting and just get them posted. Like most people, I carry my phone with me everywhere and the iPhone camera can produce some amazing shots so I need to start making use of this and snapping shots when I'm out and about. I also like taking photos with my GoPro due to its unique image perspective so I'm planning to throw it in the car when I head out so that I can capture some different photos to use for insta.

Be More Active On Social

I seem to have odd days where I'll tweet and interact with people and aim to keep this up and then I tended to completely forget the next day. To be more active on Twitter it can be an easy win as engaging on this platform is easy to do and doesn't take much time, I just want to do this much more regularly than I have done in the past. When I first got into Pinterest I used to love creating boards and finding pins to add to them. I could sit for ages finding images I liked and expanding my boards. I want to get back to this as I find it enjoyable, and I also have a board on there specifically for pinning my blog posts to so it's another platform to promote my content on.

Try Out New Blog Posts

I've done a few different types of posts over the past few years and have been happy with what I've been producing. I'd like to start to expand what I write about including writing about more of the things that I'm already doing, whether this is reviewing a restaurant I've been to or writing advice posts on the things that I've experienced that would be useful to help others in a similar position.

To sum up, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things with all things related to my blog. My main focus is to get back into the habit of writing as part of my week, as I have post ideas ready and waiting to be written. By setting out what I'd like to achieve this year and writing it down, I feel it has made it clearer on what I need to work towards. Now to go and make it happen.

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